Dragon Technology Distribution (“DTD”) is a pioneer in high technology industry and high speed communication market. As a leader in Telecom and Information Technology, DTD has developed close relationships with major component and system suppliers including Intel, Cortina, Semtech, PTI, Pericom, Emcore, Dialog, Rohm, Netronme, Vweb, and so on. DTD offers a wide portfolio of semiconductor and system level solutions for customers including but not limited to Portable Electronics (e.g. Smart Phone, Feature Phone, Portable Navigation Device), Data Communication Products (Gateway, Router, PON, DWDM, MSPP/MSTP) and Digital Consumer Products (UMD, GPS, PMP, STB, Mobile TV). Through offering a world class technical support services, Reference Designs and Full Turnkey Solutions, DTD has developed partnership relationships with many large, medium and small companies in Asia.

Electronic Components Distribution

Our Electronics Components distribution business is one of the fastest growing regional distributor and has also the widest regional footprint among Asian-owned distributors.

We are an integral value-adding partner that specializes in the design, development and distribution of intellectual properties and application solutions for communication infrastructure equipment. We are also developing solutions on the convergent 3C (Communications, Computing and Consumer) market that drive the internet economy.

The Group represents key principals such as Intel, Cortina, Numonyx, Semtech, Renesas, Tyco Electronics, Nanya, Intersil and Sandisk. Our key customers include ZTE, Alcatel Shanghai Bell, Celestica, HP, Benchmark, Samsung and LG.

The business provides stability in terms of group revenue and opens doors to potential new business opportunities.

For more information on our Electronics Components Distribution business, please visit our 4 main divisions:

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